George L. Montgomery


Your education is critically important to me.

Vice President of Operations
Long Term Care Planning Consultant
Notary Public
Systems Administrator

It has been my pleasure to be a consultant with a focus on long term care education, assistance and planning. I began my path working as an ALTCS eligibility interviewer for AHCCCS and eventually became a Quality Assurance Reviewer and then a Unit Supervisor. Carol started her own firm and needing assistance in meeting the needs of the customers, I left AHCCCS in 2001 and I started working with Carol, as co-owner of Montgomery & Associates, Inc.

Since 2001 I have met with families about the government programs (ALTCS and VA) available to pay for long term care by assessing their financial and medical situation and determining their candidacy for any of those programs with the goal of helping them to achieve a successful application the first time. During this time I have also handled all the companies IT needs.

I look forward to the next 25 years!


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