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ALTCSPlanning.net (AKA: Montgomery & Associates, Inc.)

Who is ALTCS Planning.net? ALTCS Planning.net has been providing quality long term care planning services in the State of Arizona since 2001. We are a private consulting firm focused on long term care education, assistance and planning. Our education includes information about Arizona’s Medicaid Program, AHCCCS and its acute care, Medicare Savings Program & ALTCS programs, and the Veteran Benefits programs that help pay for long term care. Our assistance is in the form of us helping you navigate the mazes of eligibility for government programs, providing information so you can make an informed decision, and connecting you with resources to complete the planning process. And finally, our long term care planning may include meeting with our consultants to create a plan of action, using our financial planner to implement products and services into the planning, and working with our Certified Legal Document Preparer (CLDP) to prepare your legal documents. You can count on us to be a valuable resource for these services. We’d love to hear from you, give us a call 480-464-4968.
ALTCSPlanning.net (AKA: Montgomery & Associates, Inc.)
ALTCSPlanning.net (AKA: Montgomery & Associates, Inc.)08/19/2017 @ 4:04
Younique Virtual Party for Carol - So excited! New #EPIC 1-step mascara & #ESTEEM lash serum https://t.co/vpUMVaZ57j
ALTCSPlanning.net (AKA: Montgomery & Associates, Inc.)
ALTCSPlanning.net (AKA: Montgomery & Associates, Inc.)08/17/2017 @ 15:35
40th anniversary of #elvispresley death... Where were you when you heard the news?
ALTCSPlanning.net (AKA: Montgomery & Associates, Inc.)
ALTCSPlanning.net (AKA: Montgomery & Associates, Inc.)08/17/2017 @ 4:47
For those shopping for hospice services...
CMS Releases Hospice Compare Website to Improve Consumer Experiences

Today, as part of our continuing commitment to greater data transparency, CMS unveiled the new Hospice Compare website. The site displays information in a ready to use format and provides a snapshot of the quality of care each hospice facility provides to its patients. CMS works diligently to make healthcare quality information more transparent and understandable for consumers and is committed to helping individuals make informed healthcare decisions for themselves and their families based on objective measures of quality.
The Hospice Compare website will reflect current industry best practices for consumer-facing websites and will be optimized for mobile use.
For more information, please visit https://www.medicare.gov/hospicecompare/ to view the new Compare site.

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