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ALTCS is a firm that assists you in looking at the big picture of long term care planning.

You meet with CPAs and accountants for tax planning.

You meet with financial planners to prepare your nest egg.

You meet with funeral directors to plan your final services.

Why meet with a consultant when it comes to your long term care planning needs?

ALTCS consultants are the experts who strip down the myths and provide you with the accurate information for your situation allowing you to make an informed decision for you or your loved one.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get things right the first time?

To better serve the public’s needs, ALTCS offers an initial consultation. An initial consultation is a meeting with a consultant (phone, at our office, or *at your location in Arizona) to help you gain understanding about your long term care needs so you can plan right the first time. The information collected during a consultation is evaluated by a consultant so they can show you how your situation fits into your long term care planning big picture. An initial consultation will help answer some of these frequently asked questions: Am I in the planning stages or implementation stages? What roads can I go down to achieve my long term care planning goals? What programs are out there to help me pay for my long term care? What other options are available to me?

How does the initial consultation help?

The initial consultation allows our consultant to complete a thorough, in-depth analysis of your situation and provide detailed information and education about the programs and planning options available. Additionally, it presents an opportunity for you to get answers to all your questions. At the consultation, the consultant will review your medical and financial information to determine if you can or should pursue privately paying for your care, pursue government benefits through ALTCS or the Veterans Administration, or if you are just in a position to do some pre-crisis planning. After completing the thorough evaluation, the consultant will assess a fee based on the steps needed to facilitate long term care planning goal; whether it be paying for the care privately or through government assistance. The consultation can be conducted by phone or in person.

What do the different types of planning entail?

Pre-crisis planning may entail financial planning and utilizing financial tools (insurance, investments, etc.) to accomplish your long term care goals. If you’re pursuing governmental benefits, we evaluate the medical and financial requirements for AHCCCS / ALTCS / VA to determine if you are ready to pursue these government benefits immediately or if there are roadblocks or eligibility requirements that will need to be unblocked before submitting an application.

How much does charge for the initial consultation?

The initial consultation is $120.00 per hour; either via phone or in-person. We offer an option for our consultants to come to you; however, we do charge a trip charge of $0.20 per mile round trip. Any appointments scheduled after regular business hours (before 9:00 am or after 5:00 pm) or on the weekends (anytime), the hourly rate increases to $240.00 per hour. The trip charge is the same.

What else can ALTCS consultants help with?

Additionally, our consultants are licensed, certified, and appointed Medicare Insurance agents and offer no-cost consultations to provide a high level overview of Medicare and the insurance options available to Medicare beneficiaries. Our experts can evaluate whether or not you are eligible for one of the Medicare Savings Programs or the low-income subsidy program. At the end of the education portion you will have the choice to provide additional information for our firm to research and review the Medicare options available to you based on your particular situation/needs.

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