ALTCS Benefits

More than half of the people who apply for ALTCS get denied.

There is an obvious need for someone to take those applicants by the hand and help them understand why they got denied, work with them on options to resolve the denial reasons, and help them through the maze of government paperwork.

ALTCS is that someone!

In the past 16 years…

  • We have educated over 3,000 families about their long term care options and legal document preparation.
  • We have retained over 1,300 cases for services.
  • We have received approval for benefits on over 1,250 cases.
  • We have been a key-note speaker at over 120 companies and organizations throughout Arizona.

Our initial consultation helps to evaluate your particular situation…

At that meeting the consultants present information to provide you with your available options to qualify for ALTCS / Arizona Medicaid benefits. One option may entail guidance and planning to preserve some of your assets and position yourself to obtain a successful approval the first time you apply for the program.

Like other forms of planning (tax or investment), ALTCS / Arizona Medicaid planning permits individuals and couples to legally and ethically correct inequities in the system.

Call 480-464-4968 to schedule your initial consultation.

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