What is the cost?

So often we listen to our friends and neighbors and believe their stories about their experiences.

  • “So and so got qualified for benefits and they are millionaires.” OR
  • “I won’t qualify for help because I make too much money.” OR
  • “My friend gave away all of their money and the government pays for their care.”

While it is great to talk with friends and neighbors about their experiences, the information you receive from the may not be reliable. In fact, it may not even be true.

ALTCS Planning.net consultants strip down the myths.

Providing you with the right information for your situation so that you can make informed decisions for you or your loved one.

You may be thinking, “The government programs are free, why should I pay someone to help me through the process?”

Why, indeed! More often than not, you may have to apply several times before you understand what the government program requirements are and how to comply with them.

Government application processes can take 1.5 months to 6 months each time you apply.

In the meantime, the long term care bills are mounting and you are responsible to pay for them. Applying over and over is not only frustrating for you, but time-consuming and a drain on your assets.

What good is free, when you end up paying with your time and money anyway?

When you work with our planning firm, ALTCS Planning.net, we are able to tell you up front whether or not you qualify for the programs, what road blocks you will run into if you apply now, and what options you have for clearing the road blocks. You can hire our consultants to work hand-in-hand with you through the process to ensure a successful approval the first time you apply.

Do we charge a fee for this service?

Of course! You wouldn’t expect your CPA or accountant to do your taxes for free, your financial planner to manage your investments at no cost, or the funeral home to conduct your final services without pay! Likewise, our service has a cost; however, when you compare the cost of our service with the money and time you’ll save using our firm, the benefits far outweigh the costs.
Our prices are 30-50% less expensive than the law firms you can hire. The cost depends on your situation which is why we offer our initial consultation, which provides you with an opportunity to understand the needs for your situation and know what it will cost to hire our firm to help you.

Please find below the cost of the legal documents and other services we offer.

Consulting (per hour)    $120.00

Codicil to Will    $200.00

Deed (Warranty, Beneficiary, Quit-Claim)    $200.00

Do NOT Resuscitate (DNR)    $0.00

Durable Financial Power of Attorney (DFPOA)    $100.00

Durable Health Care (Medical) Power of Attorney (DHCPOA)    $100.00

Durable Mental Health Care Power of Attorney (DMHCPOA)    $100.00

Estate Planning Portfolio(Trust, Will, Financial & Health Care Power of Attorneys, Living Will, DNR – couple)    $1,599.00

Estate Planning Portfolio (Trust, Will, Financial & Health Care Power of Attorneys, Living Will, DNR – individual)    $1,049.00

Income-Only Trust – Basic    $250.00

Income-Only Trust – Premium    $999.00

Income-Only Trust – Standard    $500.00

Last Will & Testament    $350.00

Last Will & Testamentary Trust    $500.00

Life Care Planning Package (Health Care Power of Attorneys, Living Will, DNR – couple – different signings)    $700.00

Life Care Planning Package (Health Care Power of Attorneys, Living Will, DNR – couple – same signing)    $600.00

Life Care Planning Package (Health Care Power of Attorneys, Living Will, DNR – individual)    $350.00

Living Will    $100.00

Trust Amendment    $200.00

Mobile Notary      $25.00

Notary fee (per signature)      $2.00

Record Death Certificate      $20.00

Revocation of Beneficiary Deed      $65.00

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