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If you wait by then it could be too late.

1 out of 2 Americans will suffer a period of prolonged disability in his/her lifetime.

Do you think that disability happens to the other guy?

Have you put your legal documents in order?

Are you the parent of a child or children who just turned 18 or will be in the coming year?

Do you realize that once your child turns 18 that you are legally barred from gaining information about your child’s financial situation unless you have a signed authorization form from them?

Have you have talked to your parents, spouse, children about your medical wishes should you have a long term care illness or should you be diagnosed with a terminal condition?

Do you want to be kept alive at all costs should you be in a persistent coma or a vegetative state?

The minute you turn 18 years old you are responsible for yourself. The decisions you make are your own and simple documents, like having a power of attorney in place that is effective only upon your disability, can save your family time and money should a situation arise like the ones referenced above.

Many people are afraid to put documents in place for fear that their agent will take advantage of them by using the document. My response to that is, “if you are afraid of that person taking advantage of you, then you are naming the wrong person.” It is important when doing any type of document that you understand its purpose.

These questions and your answers to them may not put you at ease. I hope they didn’t unless you are one of the few who has done some pre-crisis planning. Everyday families are faced with situations that they never dreamed possible.

If you are over 18 years old and have not put your legal documents in place, won’t you consider saving your loved ones time and money? Get your documents done today!

Call 480.464.4968 to schedule your legal document signing today! – Carol Aragon-Montgomery, CLDP

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