The end of 2014 is quickly approaching. It is that time of year when many end-of-year documents begin to arrive in anticipation of the upcoming year.

To prepare for the cost of living adjustments to ALTCS and VA eligibility, ALTCS members and VA claimants will need to provide updated information for their files as soon as it is received but no later than December 30, 2014.

 Please be on the lookout for the 2015 Social Security Benefit letter (the one that is typically received in December that tells you what your monthly benefit rate will be for the coming year). ALTCS and VA will need a copy of that letter for the person on ALTCS/VA and their spouse (if married).

 For those of you who receive pensions or retirement from Civil Service, military, VA, federal, state, or local government, or from your former employer, be on the lookout for any notices or letters which indicate any changes to your monthly benefit amount, taxes, or health insurance premium amounts. Even if no change has happened, please send ALTCS/VA the December 2014 and January 2015 pension direct deposit summaries or check stubs.

 Many of you made changes to your Medicare Insurance health plans (Medicare HMO plans or Medicare prescription drug plans) during annual enrollment. If you made a change to these plans or if there is a change to the premiums for the plans, please send ALTCS/VA …

– a copy of the disenrollment letter (for the old plan),
– a copy of the new card (both sides) for the new plan, and
– copies of letters or premium payment letters to verify the new premium amounts.
– Premiums for dental and vision insurance are also needed.

 For ALTCS married couples, if you have had a change to your mortgage, rent, space rent, homeowner’s insurance, OR homeowner’s association dues, please send ALTCS a copy of those updated invoices or statements, too.

You are required to report changes to ALTCS and VA when these types of changes occur. If you’re wondering how these changes will affect your case, consider hiring us by the hour and please send copies of these documents to our firm as soon as you receive them. This will allow us to ensure eligibility, Share of Cost, and Room & Board charges are accurately determined.

For those of you with an ALTCS income-only trust case …
… if you were disbursing $ 108.15 for 2014, begin making $ 109.95* disbursements starting in January 2015.
… if you were disbursing $2163.00 for 2014, begin making $2199.00* disbursements starting in January 2015.
* This is the best estimate I have of the 2015 numbers. If the numbers are confirmed at a different amount, I will let you know before the 1st of January.

I know we appreciate it when our customers keep us in the loop and I know that ALTCS and VA would be impressed by your reporting of changes before they have to ask for the information.

We appreciate our readers and hope you have a safe, happy, and blessed holiday season!!
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