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ALTCS believes in education; giving you an idea what it will cost allows you to make an informed decision.

Break the Long Term Care Myths

We listen to our friends/neighbors and believe that their experiences will be true for us. While it is great to talk with friends and neighbors about their experiences, the information you receive may not be reliable, true or apply to your situation.

Legal Document

Cost listed includes signing/explanation appointment, notarization, witness, mileage to/from appointment (Phoenix-Metro), and recording fee (deeds only). 

Life Care Planning

Life Care Planning Bundle Package A

Package A bundle includes Financial, Medical, and Mental Healthcare Power of Attorney, Living Will and DNR. *Will can be added for additional cost

Power of Attorneys (Financial/Medical/Mental Health)

These are documents that allow someone to be able to take care of you while you are alive, if you no longer want or can't take care of yourself.

Final Disposition

This document will provide your family with guidance on what to do with your remains after you pass away.

Living Will

This document allows you to express which medical treatments you do/don't want at the end of your life or when you are in a vegetative state or in a coma.

Life Care Planning Bundle Package B

Package B includes Financial, Medical, and Mental Healthcare Power of Attorney, Living Will, Dementia Advanced Directive Oral Feeding/Fluids, HIPAA Waiver, Final Disposition, and DNR. *Will can be added for additional cost.

Dementia Advanced Directive for Oral Feeding/Fluids

This Advanced Directive allows you to express how you do/don't want to be fed or receive fluids when you are diagnosed with Dementia.

HIPAA Waiver

This document will provide authorization for your loved ones to access to your medical records.

Do Not Resuscitate

This document informs emergency medical and emergency hospital personnel to NOT resuscitate you. AKA Pre-Hospital Medical Care Directive.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning Bundle

Includes Trust, Will, Power of Attorney: Financial, Medical, Mental Health, Living Will, Final Disposition, DNR, Transfer Deed for House, Change ownership or beneficiary letters prepped, instructions for Personal Property

Last Will and Testament

This document tells who will manage and divide your assets after your death.

Will with a Testamentary Trust

This document tells who will manage, divide, and provides instructions to hold all or some of your assets in trust after your death.

Trust Amendment or Codicil to Will

These documents make minor changes to a trust or a will you currently have in place.

Deeds Warranty Quit Claim Beneficiary

This document indicates a property ownership change to your property now or at death.

Income-Only Trust/Miller Trust


Basic Bundle


Premium Bundle


Standard Bundle

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