Breaking the ALTCS Myths

Myth: Fiction or half-truth, especially one that forms part of an ideology.

Only an Attorney can assist you with ALTCS Planning.

There has been an abundance of law firms who state that they specialize in ALTCS planning. The truth is that our ALTCS planning firm has more experience assisting families with their ALTCS needs than most attorneys in the state. Our staff have a combined 50+ years experience. We have also found that many of the firms that decide to do ALTCS Planning eventually stop offering that service. Several of those firms now refer potential ALTCS planning clients to our firm.

ALTCS Planning should cost $8,000 and up.

You can pay $8,000 and up to have a law firm perform ALTCS planning if you would like, but we think that the money saved using our firm’s services should be spent on your family. Our fees are many times 30% to 50% less than our competitors. This doesn’t mean you get 30% to 50% less work, it just means you pay less, so your loved ones have more. In some law firms, the attorney himself or someone in the firm may be a registered securities agent, which means if they recommend an annuity for your loved one, the firm may be collecting a sizeable commission on top of the fees you are paying to the firm.

ALTCS takes you or your loved one’s house, car, and belongings once you or a loved one qualify for help.

Although states are mandated to perform “estate recovery,” this doesn’t happen until after the death of the ALTCS member. We can provide information about exemptions and waivers from estate recovery.

If you or a loved one have given away money or assets, you or your loved one won’t qualify for help for at least 5 years.

This may not be true. ALTCS may calculate a period of ineligibility for your case but there are several sets of rules to determine that period of ineligibility. Meeting with our consultant will help you know if your gift will cause ineligibility for the program.

My loved one is currently in an assisted living home, and I was told they won’t qualify for ALTCS.

Anyone can apply for the program at any time regardless of their living arrangement. However, to be approved, an applicant who resides in an assisted living home must reside in one that has an AHCCCS Provider ID number and a contract with a program contractor. 

ALTCS will only pay for care in a nursing home.

ALTCS pays for and will provide services in nursing homes, assisted living homes and centers, foster care homes, and even in your loved one’s own home.

My loved one makes too much money to qualify for ALTCS Services.

Although ALTCS has income qualifications, a person can set up a Miller Trust (Income-Only Trust) and still possibly qualify for services. Miller Trusts at most law firms cost more than $1,000. Our firm offers the Miller Trust (Income-Only Trust) document for $300.00 with a simple guide. If you are looking for more hands-on assistance with the Income-Only Trust process we offer a package for $1,200.00, which includes our consultants assistance understanding the Income-Only Trust.

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