ALTCS has been providing benefit planning services since 2001 with a focus on education, assistance, and planning.

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We are the experts who strip down the myths and provide accurate information for your situation.

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Guidance through the mazes of eligibility for government long term care programs.

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Creating a plan of action, implementing products/services, and preparing your legal documents.

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Our mission is to be a one-stop resource for long term care planning. We believe in educating you first about all your long term care options so that you can make informed decisions for your family. We believe in helping you accomplish your goals and meeting your long term care needs with compassion, skill, and precision. We believe in providing quality service for a cost-effective price. We believe in your success.

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In the past 18 years

We have continued to successfully help many families obtain the funds needed to provide for a loved one's long term care needs, through proper planning and obtaining successful approvals for benefit programs.

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