Effective July 1, 2016, ALTCS has increased the following amounts used in their Community Spouse Monthly Income Allowance (CSMIA):

from $1,992 to $2,003 – Monthly Spousal Need
from $   598 to $   601 – 30% of Monthly Spousal need for Excess Shelter Allowance

Effective August 1, 2016, we have made some modifications to our legal documents fee schedule. Some document fees are now all-inclusive (meaning we are no longer charging extra for witness, home visit, or postage fees); however, if paying pay by credit card there is a convenience fee added to most documents.

Additionally, we had not updated our Miller Trust fees since 2011, so there are some increases to those fees as well, but those fees are now all-inclusive as well (we are no longer charging extra for home visits, postage fees, or credit card convenience fees).
While it’s never fun to make increases to our fees, the fee changes simplify our data collection and allow us to provide quality legal document preparation at a quality price.

Open the links below to view a PDF version of each document updated.

Y2016 ALTCS-MSP.standards.070116

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