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As of July 1, 2018 (blue text only updated in July 2018)

ALTCS Individual Standards

$2,250.00—ALTCS Monthly Income Limit

$2,000.00—Resource Limit

Medicare Savings Plan Individual Standards

$1,012.00—QMB Income Limit

$1,012.01—$1,214.00—SLMB Income Limit

$1,214.01—$1,366.00— QI-1 Income Limit

Community Spouse Standards

$    4,500.00—ALTCS Monthly Income Limit

$  26,720.00—Initial Resource Limit

$  24,720.00—Minimum Resource Allowance

$123,600.00—Maximum Resource Allowance

Community Spouse Monthly Income Allowance Standards

$2,058.00—Monthly Spousal Need

$   618.00—30% deduction from excess shelter expenses

$   274.00—Standard Utility Allowance

$   686.00—Family Allowance

$3,090.00—Maximum Minimum Maintenance Needs Allowance                          

Medicare Savings Plan Spousal Standards

$1,372.00—QMB Income Limit for couples

$1,372.01—$1,646.00—SLMB Income Limit for couples

$1,646.01—$1,852.00—QI-1 Income Limit for couples

Other Standards

$   112.50—Personal Needs Allowance

$2,250.00—HCBS Personal Needs Allowance

$   210.00—Home Maintenance Allowance

$   134.00—Standard monthly Medicare Premium

$     32.88—Medicare Part D Extra Help Subsidy

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