Each year, the federal benefit rate (FBR) changes in January. This impacts the ALTCS income limits, personal needs allowance, and spousal resource deductions.

Here is an updated standards list:
YEAR 2017
As of January 2017
ALTCS Individual Standards

$2,205.00—ALTCS Monthly Income Limit
$2,000.00—Resource Limit

Medicare Savings Plan Individual Standards

$990.00—QMB Income Limit
$990.01—$1,188.00—SLMB Income Limit
$1,188.01—$1,337.00— QI-1 Income Limit

Community Spouse Standards

$4,410.00—ALTCS Monthly Income Limit*
$26,180.00—Initial Resource Limit
$24,180.00—Minimum Resource Allowance
$120,900.00—Maximum Resource Allowance

Community Spouse Monthly Income Allowance Standards

$2,003.00—Monthly Spousal Need
$601.00—30% deduction from excess shelter expenses
$265.00—Standard Utility Allowance
$668.00—Family Allowance
$2,981.00—Maximum Minimum Maintenance Needs Allowance

Medicare Savings Plan Spousal Standards

$1,335.00—QMB Income Limit for couples
$1,335.01—$1,602.00—SLMB Income Limit for couples
$1,602.01—$1,803.00—QI-1 Income Limit for couples

Other Standards

$110.25—Personal Needs Allowance
$2,205.00—HCBS Personal Needs Allowance
$210.00—Home Maintenance Allowance
$134.00—Standard monthly Medicare Premium
$34.20—Medicare Part D Extra Help Subsidy

Click here to download the 2017 Standards: 2017 Janu